SGA Operates Using New Format

Shreyas Agnihotri

Morris Hill’s Student Government Association has a bigger role than you might think. The main goal of the SGA is to plan school events and act as a liaison between the student body and school administration. In other words, the SGA runs most of the dances that occur over the course of the year, organizes pep rallies for each season, manages events such as Battle of the Classes and Mr. Morris Hills, maintains the school store, and more. The SGA also provides students with a way to interact with the school administration and bring up concerns.

It’s clear that the SGA has always had an important role in school events, and recent changes should help it become even more effective in the future. Perhaps the biggest change this year is a new SGA adviser, Ms. Leonard. Ms. Leonard and co-adviser Mrs. Radzieski look forward to the challenge of managing the SGA officers, class officers, and general members.  Ms. Leonard said, “The SGA is looking to take a more active role this year with administrators and with the school, and I can’t wait to see what this great group of leaders can do.”

The SGA truly is taking steps this year under Ms. Leonard to be better than ever before. This year, SGA meetings for general members are held during the school day, to allow students who play sports or have Z block to attend. Meetings take place monthly and alternate time of day so that students don’t have to miss the same class multiple times. Any students interested in these open meetings can get passes from the main office; Ms. Leonard and the SGA always welcome new attendees who want to contribute ideas or opinions about the school.

Together with administrators, Ms. Leonard is looking to improve communication between the students and faculty. Class officers and SGA officers hold regular meetings with administrators throughout the year; SGA officers and Senior class officers meeting with Mr. Toriello, while underclass officers meet with Mr. Melvin, Mr. Merle, and Mrs. Barkocy.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Radzieski, and with new changes to help make officers and the general body more involved, the SGA looks forward to a terrific year.