Athletes Honored with Indoor Parade


Ria Balli

The Morris Hills fall sports teams celebrated their victories in the first Morris Hills Indoor parade this year. The Boys Cross Country team and Football team triumphantly paraded down the hallways throughout the school, giving fellow students and staff members the opportunity to recognize and commemorate their outstanding seasons.

A great deal of school spirit was displayed during the few minutes of this event, and everyone at Morris Hills felt an enormous sense of pride and energy. Freshman Kithmy Wick described the parade as “a chance for the school to come together and celebrate.” Participant Andrew Zhang felt the same energy, stating that “this welcomed distraction from class reaffirmed our spirit towards our school.” Senior Pranay Maniar commended the chance to “come together and celebrate the accolades” of MHHS athletics.

This tradition’s continuation is sure to be taken into consideration. This is the first year Morris Hills High School had an event like this. Principal Mr. Toriello said he had seen it done in several other schools and thought it would be a good idea to bring to Morris Hills in order to honor any champion sports teams.

Sophomore Ashwin Agnihotri remembers his strides as “satisfying, to finally receive [their] recognition.” All of the athletes definitely felt a great sense of pride walking down the narrow halls, and it was well deserved.

Morris Hills is incredibly proud of its skilled and successful athletes and wishes them luck on their future athletic endeavors!