Freshman Retrospective

Katherine Reardon, Photographer

High school can have different meanings for everyone. You could love it, hate it, or just tolerate it in general. These feelings are based on experiences each person has. It all depends on who you are. Each year a new batch of freshman are rolled out and put on a baking sheet ready to experience the hot temperature of high school. Most do not know what to expect. For example when I was in the eighth grade, I was so nervous to finally experience the freedoms of high school. My first day was a culture shock. We were allowed to be on our phones, we had bigger lockers, we were in the same school as teenagers who could already drive! These facts were crazy to me. The switch from middle school to high school blew my mind. If you already experienced freshman year, think back to when you were just making your first steps in Morris Hills, trying to figure out where your classes were, discovering the do’s and dont’s of high school. Although you were excited, you might have been scared as well. New people and upperclassmen along with more advanced assignments and tasks could prove nerve-wracking. High school is no walk in the park. What were some people’s thoughts about freshman year?


Zoe Trimmer:

My year started off as an intimidating experience because it was a new environment. My first day at Morris Hills basically helped me get to know more about the people in my classes and my teachers, which in turn made me more comfortable. In the classes I am struggling with, I always know that my teachers are willing to go over any material needed for review. The administrative staff (other than the teachers) are amazing people who are dedicated to the student body and making sure that they experience fun throughout the year. I personally feel welcomed now into Morris Hills because of the wonderful staff and peers. Basically, I can’t wait to see what is ahead of me in my next three years.


Zachary Orr:

The beginning of my high school career was me just trying to keep a low profile and be laid back. Now looking back I’m glad I decided to make so many friends. Choir has been such a great experience for me and it has 100% strengthened my confidence as a singer. After making Madrigals and Knights Templar this year it was so nice to know I could do this as a freshman. Also doing the musical was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Making tons of friends and also being able to get up on that stage for the first time. So in a whole my freshman year so far has been amazing!!


Gaurav Sethi:

The idea of high school was a frightening thought. It felt like a huge progression from middle school that I did not feel prepared for. Although the jump was somewhat rough, it was much easier than expected. The teachers and other staff members were extremely compassionate, understanding, and helpful. The student body at Morris Hills was open and welcoming. It was easy to meet and make friends with new people. I am eager to continue my scholastic career at Morris Hills.