Senior Retrospective

My freshman year, I wrote an article titled, “The Fresh New Experience of a Freshman,” and my sophomore year, I wrote one titled “What I Would Have Told my Freshman Self.” (Go to to check them out!) Now, I cannot even believe I am writing one about senior year! The years have gone by so fast!

Senior year felt different. I think just the knowledge that we were the oldest gave us a sense of power that was not there in previous years. However, I cannot help but remember the shy, timid freshman I was when I first entered high school. Since then, I have only grown (literally and figuratively). Not only am I taller, but I am also more confident!

After four years in Morris Hills, I can say for a fact I have met amazing people, become smarter, and gained some pretty fast reflexes from walking down the halls. In fact, I think my favorite part of senior year was just the excitement that something new is looming on the horizon. For me and many students, that “something” is college. For others, however, that “something” may be trade school, the armed forces, and more! Regardless of where we end up, I have no doubt that the skills we gained in high school will help us succeed.

However, we should not get too caught up in the future. For the last few months of our high school career, let’s live in the moment and cherish the time we have left together. What were some people’s favorite parts of senior year?

Anna Reed: “Freshman year, all I wanted to do was survive, and I thought high school would be difficult. I felt like I wouldn’t make friends and I wouldn’t do well. Now, I’m more confident and I know I can do whatever comes my way, and I look forward to it in college. I learned that it’s not always about the good grade. I was really obsessed on the score instead of comprehending the material. From sophomore to junior, I learned the importance and became more knowledgeable. After senior year, I’m looking forward to going to a new area, and meeting people from all different backgrounds. In high school, I met lots of different people with different interests, but college will be even broader scope where I will meet even more people.”


Jessica Pan: “When I started high school, I had no idea what I was doing, and it was really stressful. But as time went on, I became more acclimated and I more friends. Their support was really helpful. Senior year was still stressful because you still don’t know about college apps, but at the end of the year it dies down and gets better. I looking forward to going college, learning and trying new things, meeting new people, and just going out of my comfort zone. I realized grades don’t matter as much, life isn’t just a number. It’s more important to like what you do.”


Shane Sickles: “Every year in high school is completely different. You can’t expect anything, and every year throws curveballs. It kinda helps to learn to get over things and go around obstacles. I was terrified of high school and thought it was gonna be the worst thing ever, but it was actually great. You get to be with friends everyday and grow with everyone. You also get to learn about lots of other people unlike middle school, where every day it’s the same people. Here, everyone’s different. I’m really looking forward to not having homework and any extra work. I’m really just throwing myself in the future and hoping for the best!”