Homecoming 2017: A Memorable Day


The memorable day of Homecoming on Saturday, October 21 started off with Morris Hills athletes hustling on the football field, proudly bearing their Scarlet Knights uniforms. Morris Hills  took the win at the Homecoming football game, which was (21-14) against Jefferson Township High School.

Senior Adriana Diaz was crowned Homecoming Queen. She was humbled by her classmates’ choice to nominate her for such an exciting title. “I felt really happy and honored!” she smiled. Meanwhile, senior Catie Marvin followed closely as Homecoming Princess. Both Catie and Adriana are members of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team. Catie is president of the Senior Class.  

The Homecoming Dance was held at the Morris Hills High School cafeteria on the evening after the game . The entrance was adorned with beautiful decorations, and the cafeteria was miraculously transformed into a gala straight out of Hollywood. Seniors Jessica Nass and Zahier Turner contributed to the success with the ideas for the decorations for the spectacular evening party. They got decoration ideas from Pinterest and brought those ideas to life in the cafeteria. “We did a lot of arts and crafts!” laughed Jessica. “It was a lot of fun!”

At the dance, homecoming court nominees Pamela Betancur, Rachel Savoka, Caitlin Rex, Sybil Gonzalez, Kayley Moran, Isabelle Lutz, Vanessa Hartkopf, Catherine Marvin, Adriana Diaz, Christina DiRenzo, Emily Ormen, and Jamie Ingling all dazzled the dancefloor with their presence. “The dance had great music and good company!” Adriana said. “ My friends made it a good time, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.”

The SGA, under the leadership of president Ben Klug and advisors Ms. Leonard and Mrs. Radzkieski, did a great job making the night one to remember.