An Educational Revolution


It is finally that time of the year again. Now that the college admissions season has come to a close, seniors are starting to get ready for their awaiting college journey and juniors are preparing for the admissions process ahead. Whether you are a senior or a junior, or simply just a curious student, it is an important time for introspection and to fully understand the holistic college admissions process.

Year after year, college admissions rates have been declining; according to Forbes, since the beginning of the twenty-first century, an educational revolution has been underway. With parents, teachers, and schools emphasizing the importance of higher level education, students have involved themselves in the pursuit of academic excellence and their desire to “succeed.” Though “succeed” is  an ambiguous term, it offers comfort to the multitudes of people looking to join these higher level institutions. With the recent surge in popularity, colleges have an abundance of applicants with fantastic grades and test scores, extracurriculars, commitment, depth, continuity, and passion. According to CollegeVine, for most elite colleges, admissions officers concede that they can fill a second or even third class of students based on academic merit alone. In order to differentiate among these candidates, admissions officers conduct a multifaceted evaluation of the student.

However, this does not mean that students should stress themselves about getting admitted into the best schools. The most valuable piece of advice for students entering this phase is to stay organized and to believe in themselves. Mr. Roman, counselor at Morris Hills, advises students to “Think about yourself – your interests, your needs, and what you are looking for.”