‘Rumble in Jungle’ Celebrates MH Homecoming Tradition

Karina Colon Named Queen


The 2018 Morris Hills High School Homecoming Court

The night of Saturday, October 6th, was a memorable one. That afternoon, the Scarlet Knights football team dominated Gifford Field, winning 35-0 over the Jefferson Falcons. Over five hundred students were in attendance at the annual Homecoming Dance, bursting with MH pride, ready to party.

Members of the SGA and the newly-instituted Homecoming Committee had decked out the cafeteria, transforming it into the wild, staying true to the theme of “Rumble in the Jungle.”

The DJ knew how to keep the energy high, as evidenced by the consistently-packed dance floor. Everyone made the most of the evening, mingling with their friends and celebrating a successful Homecoming game. Karina Colon was crowned Homecoming Queen, and Jessica Cadena was crowned Homecoming Princess.

Our 2018 Homecoming Queen, Karina Colon, is the SGA senior class secretary and the drum major of the marching band. “After hearing my name announced as homecoming queen, I was in pure shock. It took a minute for me to process what was happening, but once the crown was placed on my head, I felt so grateful and it was such a surreal moment,”  Karina said. Next year Karina plans on majoring in biology and hopes to go to college in California. “After I graduate Morris Hills, I think I’ll miss the friendships I made throughout the years as well as the wonderful and supportive environment,” she added.

Overall, the homecoming dance was a success. According to SGA president Gabriel Korish,  there were a record number of attendees this year at the dance. “We have really done a great job of marketing and advertising this year. We created a variety of posters for the dance, promoted it on social media, and used the TV and announcements to encourage kids to buy tickets,” he reported proudly. With over five-hundred attendees, that pride is certainly not misplaced. In previous years, it was a struggle to get even one hundred people to attend. With such strong MH pride, the Scarlet Knights didn’t fail to represent at the 2018 “Rumble in the Jungle” dance. Special thanks are in order for Mrs. Radzieski, Mrs. Burgin, Mr. Melvin and the rest of the administration for helping to plan such a spectacular night.