Spirit Soars During Battle of the Classes

Matt Kritz and Patrick Hernandez lead the juniors in the tug of war
Joe Barba and Donovan Quinones performing their winning dance number
Mr. Mein getting the crowd cheering
Senior Brett McCaffrey competing for the seniors in cup stacking

This past September, Morris Hills’ four classes competed closely for the title of champion, in the 2018 Battle of the Classes. At the end of the day, that honor was earned by the senior class, but it was clear that all those involved had a great time. The competition during both Spirit Week and at the actual event was tight, but with an abundance of student participation and school spirit in the air, all classes demonstrated significant MH pride. Spirit days this year included America Day, Tacky Tourist Day, Wild West Day, Throwback Day and Class Color Day. “They were different, which was nice since the past few years have been kind of the same,” junior Sabrina Verikios said. “I thought they were fun and pretty easy to get into.”

Although Mr. Farher, who has been the announcer in the past, was not present, Mr. Mein energetically took on the role, announcing enthusiastically and sprinkling in amusing history jokes throughout the afternoon.

Some events held undefeated champions, such as the faculty in the pie eating contest, but others resulted in astonishingly close upsets. For example, Joe Barba and Donovan Quinones brought an interesting twist to the dance competition. Rather than sticking to the traditional hip-hop dance style, they chose to use a bit of a throwback with retro songs, poodle skirts, and amazing flips. Placed in the final pit between seniors Spiderman and Frozone, the juniors were able to ultimately win. For other events, most notably the cup-stacking race, competition was fierce, but the freshmen and sophomores came out as the ultimate champions.

“I think Battle of the Classes is a great way to get everyone involved,” says junior Hannah Miller. “The week leading up to it is a great way to get people excited for the event and it’s one of the things that students look forward to each year because it’s a fun way to be involved with your class and the school in general.”