Teacher Feature: MH Substitute Publishes Book with Hopes to Inspire


Mr. Wardy’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of students

Stacey Tang, Contributing Writer

Mr. Wardy, one of the Morris Hills Regional District substitute teachers, is well-known among the students for his distribution of inspiring quotes and touching stories. But now, he is taking it a step further in his spread of inspiration through the publication of a new book, which is expected to come out early December. His book, Everyday Wisdom for Teenagers, was inspired by the students throughout the district and their enthusiasm regarding meaningful quotes. Many of his sayings are original ones, typically inspired by real events and were created in hopes of teaching students valuable lessons. “All quotes address either interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and the District’s Character Education’s Core Values,” Mr. Wardy explained, “With each quote, there is wisdom which represents a form of lifelong learning. If a student is inspired by a quote at the age of 16, the wisdom of the quote remains at age 36, 56 and 76.”

Unlike other publications that are meant to be read straight through, from start to finish, Mr. Wardy cautions students against reading his book in this way. He explained, “It’s a book of reflection. Read five or six suggestions and absorb them. Put the book down and read five more later or tomorrow. The message is that there is no one answer that each reader will determine. What inspires one teenager will not necessarily inspire another teenager and vice-versa.” As a former educator, one of Mr. Wardy’s goals is to make a difference in the lives of the students he interacts with. Through his book, he will be able to expand his influence, hopefully leaving an impact on communities outside of the Morris Hills Regional District. 20% of the profits from his book and going to be used to create a scholarship for students who exemplify the District’s core values, regarding character and education. Mr. Wardy is very excited for his book to hit shelves and added, “Here’s an inspiring reality: If the reader celebrates 5 percent of the book’s 519 suggestions, there are 26 additional ways to transform your life providing purpose, meaning and mission that is coupled with the strengthening of character and integrity.”