“The Sun” Lightens Summer Movie Blockbusters

There is much to look forward to in terms of entertainment this year, especially during the summer months. With long-awaited films like Pixar’s Toy Story 4 and Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin just a few months away, movie-lovers are sure to have a blast.

But one movie in particular stands out: The Sun is Also a Star. Directed by Ry Russo-Young, the movie’s interesting characters and unique storyline may not only lead to huge success in the box office, but also bring attention to important issues facing our country today. Featuring Riverdale’s Charles Melton and Grown-ish’s Yara Shahidi, The Sun is Also a Star is a romantic drama based on Nicola Yoon’s novel of the same name. The film follows two teenagers in New York City, Natasha Kingsley and Daniel Bae, who fall in love over the course of one day. When the teenagers meet, Natasha, a science-loving Jamaican-American, is only hours away from deportation. Meanwhile, Daniel, a Korean-American with a strong love for literature, has a potentially life-changing interview for Yale. A true romantic, Daniel knows that he has found love at first sight, but Natasha is not really convinced. With their futures hanging in the balance, both Natasha and Daniel must navigate their new relationship and their drastically changing lives, all in one day.

This fresh romantic drama is definitely one worth looking forward to, especially with its unique concept and characters. While most romantic dramas take place over a few weeks or even months, this film takes place within only one day, truly embodying the meaning of “love at first sight”. Furthermore, there isn’t much representation for Korean-Americans and Jamaican-Americans in the American film industry, so the movie’s diverse cast of characters will certainly be a treat to many viewers. If handled correctly, Natasha and Daniel’s experiences in The Sun is Also a Star could be relatable to thousands of Americans of different ethnicities and people who have experience with immigration. Additionally, the film addresses important issues regarding the U.S. immigration system and its impact on millions of families today, providing insight that many first-generation Americans and their families can connect to. Although only time will tell, The Sun is Also a Star seems to have all of the elements needed to be a box-office hit.  Schedules for a May release, it may be the perfect film to start your summer off right.