The Implications of Artificial Intelligence at Morris Hills


Yuvanshu Agarwal, Contributing Writer

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a sophisticated and up-and-coming technology that is crossing all horizons as it has the potential to spur a brighter future. While such unprecedented innovation is being applied to healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing industries, AI is also crossing paths with a world that students are all too familiar with – high school education. The implications of powerful algorithms radicalizing students learning processes are intriguing, but at the same time, administrators are wary of the underlying effects of such a transition. Unlike the binary nature of the algorithms themselves, the debate on implementing artificial intelligence in high school education is far from black and white. 

One of the key advantages of employing AI at Morris Hills is the amount of time that could be saved in addition to the personalized learning and independence students could potentially receive. Certain routine tasks such as taking attendance or grading assignments can be automated through the use of algorithms so that teachers can devote more time to the basis of their profession: teaching. AI-driven examinations can also be developed so that the difficulty of successive questions changes, better reflecting a student’s mastery of the concepts. These new features could completely alter the way students learn in the classroom while reducing mundane tasks for teachers.

While AI has the potential to revolutionize the learning process here at Morris Hills, it comes with certain drawbacks. Due to the flexibility and efficiency that AI garners, it is possible that AI might relieve the teaching staff from a number of its duties. It is also possible that the increased use of class time on computers may diminish social learning in class. Finally, providing AI-related services requires a significant investment in information technology, lessening the budget for other activities Morris Hills could provide. The implementation of AI, which in itself is a double-edged sword, requires careful thought so as to ensure the technology does not take away from the learning environment at Morris Hills. 

AI is a disruptive force that is already reshaping industries everywhere. With the introduction of such a powerful force at Morris Hills, the possibilities of enhancing education for all students are endless. By taking proper caution and carefully selecting the AI-related services our school needs, teachers can spend less time fulfilling tedious tasks and more time teaching so students can get the most out of their high school experience.