Welcome to the Red, White, and Black Parade: MH’s Halloween Parade A Success

 A variety of characters surged the MH hallways on October 31st to the booming voice of the Marching Band. Teachers and peers watched as the spirited crowd paraded their costumes throughout the building. Not only students, but teachers also took part in the festivity. Science teachers could be found in “lab rat” costumes, placing a fun twist on the idiom. From Pennywise to characters from “Back to the Future,” the participants epitomized the fun and eccentric nature of Halloween. Ninth-grader Amy S., a bystander of the parade, commented on the unique outfits. “Many people were wearing very intricate, interesting costumes. Each one was so different from the others.”

           The Halloween Parade is an anticipated event for all Morris Hills students. The parade, which is in honor of Mr. George Fulton, a former guidance counselor, has been a long standing tradition at the school.  Each year, this school wide celebration offers some relief from the pressures of quarterlies. Many students admit to missing out on Halloween festivities due to studying and other responsibilities. The parade is an outlet to enjoy the holiday with friends and not to mention, pretty cool costumes. “For every student who may see the parade as ‘babyish,’ there are probably ten more who would be deeply disappointed if Morris Hills High School eliminated it,” stated our principal, Mr. Toriello. “At a time where many schools are saturated by issues, it is somewhat refreshing to give adolescents an opportunity for some good, old-fashioned fun. Kids grow up so quickly today. At least Halloween reminds us all that staying young is not such a bad thing after all.”

Due to inclement weather, the parade was moved indoors this year, unlike prior events. However, the celebration carried on throughout the morning and was a success. In the words of Mr. Toriello, “I thought the parade was fantastic once again this year. It was great to see the students and teachers lining the hallways and the lockers viewing the parade. I believe a great time was had by all.”