TREX Recycling Competition

Those new TREX recycling bins that you may have seen around the school are a part of a Morris Hills initiative to increase recycling across the school. TREX, a deck and outdoor furniture company, launched a plastic film recycling challenge for schools. This challenge, which begins on November 15th, pitts schools against each other in a competition to recycle plastic bags. TREX provides special recycling bins, and has schools weigh the contents of the recycling bins. The school with the most recycled material at the end of the six month competition will win a TREX composite bench for their school, and all participating schools will be given an honorary award.

Items that can be recycled in these TREX bins are grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, and other plastic bags. The TREX competition requires for all plastic bags to be clean and dry. By participating in this program, our school can work to reduce the amount of plastic waste and its detrimental effect on the environment. According to National Geographic, every year

 about 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean. These plastics can often take hundreds of years to dissolve. Furthermore, millions of animals are killed by plastics, most deaths due to entanglement. Plastics have been found across the oceans, even as deep as the Mariana Trench.

By participating in the TREX recycling program, we can do our part as the Morris Hills Community to reduce plastic waste and contribute to the noble cause of recycling.