Senior Prophecies

Melinda Reed, Contributing Writer

Senior Prophecies


Of all of the old Hills traditions from the 60s, senior prophecies may be the most amusing to look back on in 2019. The practice was simple: every year in its June edition, the Hilltopper would interview seniors about their predictions for Morris Hills, the world, and each other. 

With most of the events and memories from 1969, one learns of what the era was like and what high schoolers did back then. Senior prophecies offer the unique perspective of how it felt to be a teenager at Hills. Whether it was griping about school administration, hoping for more lax dress codes, or making jokes, the ‘69 graduates were simply themselves, on paper. To help readers look back at the year and its Hills students, the Hilltopper has compiled some of 1969’s best predictions for the future.


Karen Jones: I prophesy that Morris Hills will always be superior to Morris Knolls.


Sue Ruffer: I prophesy that by 1970 Picatinny Arsenal will rise up and conquer Rockaway Township.


Patty Newkirk: I prophesy that Morris Hills will some day have a smoking lounge with built-in seats. 


Martin Petrocco: I prophesy that if the Morris Hills administration does not try harder to understand the SIMPLE DEMANDS of the students, there will be trouble here in the near future. 


Edwina Grant: I prophesy that the Hawaiian Islands will sink before September of 1969.

Jeff Handler: I prophesy that the teachers of Morris Hills and Morris Knolls will go on paid summer vacations and forget to come back when they end.

Bruce Staloff: I prophesy that President Nixon will be re-elected in 1972 if he legalizes marijuana.

Joye Yurecsko: I prophesy that by 1975 the students attending Morris Hills will be able to come to school dressed as they please.

In honor of this tradition, we have also collected some senior prophecies from the Class of 2020:

Max N.: I prophesy that Mr. Campbell is the next Mr. Sabo.

Shreya S.: I prophesy that five years from now there will be another graphics teacher (a new Mr. Consales).

Gaurav S.: I prophesy that Andrew Yang will be president for eight years.

Tanay M.: I prophesy that Frank Ocean will drop an album in 2020.

Mario M.: I prophesy that teachers will be robots.

Dre M.: I prophesy that the school will have fast food restaurants in it, like Wendy’s and Popeyes and Burger King.

Kaitlyn L.: I prophesy that within the next two years Morris Hills will have a better junior parking situation.

Chryslyn D.: I prophesy that Florida will be underwater by 2030.

Ria B.: I prophesy we will be able to teleport in one year.

DJ Q.: I prophesy we will be on Mars by 2060.