MH Homecoming 2019

               Morris Hills’ annual Homecoming game, this year on October 19th, was a proud day for the MH student body. The Saturday began with an impressive victory over Mendham High School for the Morris Hills football team, as they beat the school 37 to 21. Fans cheering in the stands wore pink to help raise awareness for breast cancer, contributing to an important cause while simultaneously supporting their school, and the Homecoming Court was announced at the beginning of the game to thunderous applause. 

               Senior Annie Lin was crowned Homecoming Queen and Alex Ferrone earned the title of Homecoming Princess. When asked about her win, Annie responded that her initial reaction was “sort of a mix of disbelief and astonishment” as she walked up to receive her crown. Annie, who is a proud member of the Morris Hills marching band and is an active member of the HOPE Club, wore her crown later on that day at the Homecoming Dance, where she and the rest of the Homecoming Court received special recognition for their achievements.

               According to Ms. Jihanne Radzieski, this year’s Homecoming Dance was the “most successful” one in her eight years as a Student Government Association (SGA) advisor. Around 430 pre-sale tickets were sold before the dance, and over 70 additional students also attended the dance after buying tickets at the door. Ms. Radzieski credits the success of the dance to the hard work of the SGA members and their assistance in spreading the word through posters, social media, and announcements.

               The 2019 Morris Hills Homecoming Dance was held in the small gym during the evening after the game. Befitting the “GLOW” theme, the gym was decorated with colorful and inflatable lights, with a large, glowing arch adorning the entrance. Students were given glow stick bracelets and even had the opportunity to take pictures on a beautiful backdrop adorned with vibrant fairy lights. Additionally, pizza was served in the cafeteria, so students could enjoy refreshments after leaving the dance floor. All in all, the dance served as a fitting end to a brilliant homecoming, one that Morris Hills students won’t soon forget.