To those who are working hard in the fight against the coronavirus:
We are the manifestations of all who came before us.
We are the past.
We are the present.
And we are the future.
We are the soldiers marching into battle:
the thinkers,
the innovators.
We are the dictators and kings
the leaders born from the ashes of those who fell before them.
We are the educators
the ones who teach by learning
and then learn by teaching.

We, on this planet full of woes,
this shimmering orb of life amidst the blackness of the void,
wield the power of our ancestors.

They say change is inevitable
yet most cannot see it.
We drown in the consistencies of inconsistency:
a child becoming a man
who stands amongst the swarming crowd,
spring fading to summer
and autumn to winter,
the dying of a sun
and the birth of a moon.

We, the past,
the present,
the future,
are surrounded by revolution,
but our thirsts for the waters of difference
go unquenched:
an overflow of ideas
an ever-growing stream of acquiescence.

We are the blessed uprisings
that course in our veins.
Let us become it then.

Let us embrace the change,
bring it forth from the shadows of our minds.
Let it swallow us,
engulf us,
consume us,
and make us its slaves.

For if we are the past
the present
and the future,
then we must also be the change.