MH Student Government Creates a Memorable Year


From the front left, going clockwise: SGA Vice President Zoe Tweedie, Treasurer Danny Dollase, Secretary Quincy James, and President Chris Coulter

As many students focus on simply staying positive and testing negative, extracurricular activities have become just another tab on the endless browser of life. While many clubs at Morris Hills face dwindling virtual participation, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Morris Hills High School attempts to become the exception to that pattern. 

Elected via the new slate system, this year’s Executive Officers make inclusivity and representation a key theme of their student-run organization. “The goal of the SGA,” remarked President Christopher Coulter, “is making sure everyone is accounted for,” noting that the slate method was successful in electing a group of leaders representative of Morris Hills, including Academy and Magnet programs. SGA Vice President Zoe Tweedie expressed her desire to have the SGA be representative of all.  

Accurately representing the Morris Hills community is paramount to the SGA as their main role is to act as a liaison between the school administration and students. “At times, the student body can feel alienated from the administration,” states Tweedie, “and so our role is to communicate what students think and vice versa.” Additionally, Coulter aims to “tie Morris Hills together as one family and inspire school spirit,” namely through exciting events, both traditional and brand new. 

When asked about some of the difficulties they faced so far, Tweedie answers, “Corona, period.” In a typical school year, SGA officers and advisors would plan annual events ingrained into Morris Hills tradition, but considering about 800 students attended last year’s Homecoming Dance, hosting the same activities has become increasingly difficult for the SGA in our COVID world. In addition to lack of virtual participation and school closures, they face logistical challenges in planning in-person activities to ensure all students are safe and socially distanced. 

Realizing that these challenges are part of the job, Coulter remembers that “One of the points that my team and myself ran on was innovative events that can be both safe and fun during COVID-19.” Specifically, Tweedie explains they are brainstorming opportunities for “students to get to know new people through friendly competition.” Placing events like an online Super Smash Bros Tournament and Karaoke Nights on our radar, the SGA makes it clear that they are working tirelessly to make this year memorable for everyone. 

Though the mundane cycle of Zoom fatigue and online assignments plagues the Morris Hills community, SGA advisor Mrs. Radzieski is confident we have lots to look forward to as a school. “Despite the restrictions in place due to COVID, we have the utmost confidence in Chris, Zoe, Quincy, and Danny to help the students at Morris Hills make the most out of a challenging and unpredictable school year.” However, the SGA cannot exist without the strong support of the student body, something the club is already seeing through impressive turnout at general meetings and on social media; they encourage more students to get involved. Equipped with valuable student input, creativity, and synergistic teamwork, the SGA ensures that even in difficult times, school spirit will extend far beyond the 14” screens of our Chromebooks.