Scarlet Knight Spotlight: Tamiya Turner


As members of the Morris Hills community, we have all witnessed how sports can bring communities together. We clearly remember the deafening cheer of dozens of Scarlet Knights on Homecoming night, as we stomped the bleachers in excitement and anticipation.  We cherish the enthusiasm we felt at any of the infamous Hills vs. Knolls sporting events, as we eagerly cheered for victory over the Golden Eagles? Even in the midst of a global pandemic, sports have continued to bind our community together, and no one exemplifies the persistence and spirit of our Morris Hills sports teams than junior Tamiya Turner.

Junior Tamiya Turner, a varsity basketball player, was named the Daily Record’s Player of the Week this past season; this is an honor awarded to exceptional high school athletes. Remarking on the accomplishment, Turner says that she was “really grateful,” to be awarded the title.

“I think I worked hard this season, especially considering the circumstances we had this year,” she says, referring to the uncertainty of high school sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Turner adores her sport. “It means peace and happiness to me,” she comments. 

Basketball is held in high regard by Turner, both in her present and in her future. Turner hopes to continue playing basketball throughout the rest of her high school career, and potentially go on to compete at a higher division level in college. After graduation, she hopes to coach a high school girls basketball team. 

The commitment that athletes such as Turner have towards their respective sports, despite the global pandemic, is truly impressive. It’s especially gratifying to see dedicated athletes such as Turner recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Congratulations to Tamiya Turner on her achievements, and we from the Morris Hills community wish her the best of luck!