Mr. Mein: Forever a Morris Hills Legend


Alright!” he routinely exclaims as he captures the attention of his APUSH students at the ring of the bell. Suddenly, the whole class goes from looking like a pack of sleepy, exhausted teenagers to a fleet of hungry wolves, magically ready to learn. Clapping a couple of times, he awakens his students to a new day, eager to deepen their desires to learn and explore the world around them. But you may ask—who is this warm and exuberant figure whose presence alone radiates an unmistakable magnetism for many at Morris Hills? If you guessed Mr. Timothy Mein, well, you’re right on the money. And it should come as no surprise that Mr. Mein has been selected as the Morris Hills 21-22 Teacher of the Year. 

But to examine Mr. Mein’s journey to this distinguished title, we need to delve a little deeper into his origins. Believe it or not, Mr. Mein’s real academic and athletic journey began right here at Morris Hills, where he made an excellent name for himself. Early on in his running career, he led the cross country team to victory at the Morris County JV Conference Championship in 1999, handing Coach Robinson his first-ever championship win. He ran his personal best, 2:56:47, a jaw-dropping 6:45 pace for over 26 miles. Later in his senior year, he won the hearts and minds of his classmates at the first-ever Mr. Morris Hills Pageant on Tuesday, November 26, 2002. After a series of events facing brutal competition, he was, of course, crowned Mr. Morris Hills that evening. 

What next? The following year, Mr. Mein took his intellect and passion to the University of Virginia. At UVA, he studied history, graduating with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of History in 2008. And finally, in 2010, Mr. Mein returned to Morris Hills with a newfound, keen desire to make a difference in his students’ lives through education. Mr. Mein has been at Hills for over 12 years now. 

Today, Mr. Mein has a reputation for his passion for history and most importantly, his selfless dedication to his students. Most APUSH students say that the distinct drive and thrill he brings to the class makes the learning process all the more enjoyable and approachable, everything from his Tour De France references to his Class Captain system. 

Even though he dedicates the majority of his time to teaching, his eagerness to see his students excel doesn’t quite end there. After school, he’s often seen in the back of the gymnasium giving pep talks to his team before games, or on the track field yelling at the top of his lungs pushing his runners to greater heights (and distances!). Many find it astonishing how he coaches three sports in all three seasons of the year—cross country in the fall, boys basketball in the winter, and track in the spring. Arjun Rastogi 22′, varsity basketball captain (and even Mr. Mein’s former APUSH student) finds Mr. Mein’s enthusiasm shines through the most, remarking that “he’s never shy to bring emotion and effort while leading the team during practices and games.” 

There are times when an individual’s contributions to others and their community transcend any award or accomplishment, Mr. Mein being the perfect example. In an interview with Coach Robinson, he gave a quote that captures Mr. Mein’s character. He explained that “to embrace the heart of a champion, you have to dream big and do better,” and how “one of the key facets of a champion is the ability to overcome setbacks and effectively navigate obstacles.” Coach Robinson truly believes that Mr. Mein “displays his champion heart daily throughout the school community via his teaching, coaching, and his constant example of excellence.”