HOPE Club Advocates for Women’s Wellbeing


herLIFT, a HOPE Club initiative dedicated to advocating for women’s health and safety, is striving to install pad/tampon dispensers in Morris Hills’ women’s bathrooms. Schools throughout the United States have recently begun participating in free menstrual product programs, Morris Hills taking the action to become one of them. Such a pursuit would alleviate the immense burden on the school nurses as well as on the female percentage of the student body. 

Women all around the world struggle with menstrual poverty; they lack access to basic necessities such as pads, tampons, hand sanitizer, wipes, and so on. Period poverty sustains the stigma surrounding menstruation, causing women to feel ashamed of the inherent body process. Menstruation is considered a taboo worldwide, sexist myths ostracizing females and barring them from temples, kitchens, and social events during their period. The concept that period products are supposedly a luxury simply supports this, as menstrual equity seems to only exist in that of a utopia. 

For the past two years, herLIFT has collected over 900 donations of sanitary/menstrual products, which are sent to Project Kind to then be redistributed to homeless and battered women throughout the state of New Jersey. herLIFT and HOPE Club will continue to aid the female population of Morris Hills and throughout New Jersey.