Alumni Mentorship Program Launch


Student leaders in the Morris Hills Regional District have developed the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP), which enables their peers to network with alumni as well as community members. 

The students launched their first endeavor, the Guest Speaker Program, towards the end of November. 

The program provides MHRD students with enriched learning opportunities through interactions with alumni, and other adult community members whose professions and life experiences are relevant to the students’ interests and coursework.

“The program’s purpose is to create an authentic, enhanced learning experience,” shared Sumantra Chattopadhyah, Volunteer Director of AMP and 2018 Knolls alumnus. “It’s a chance for alumni to give back to their community with professional insights that will benefit our future leaders.”

Chattopadhyah and Morris Hills’ GT director Ms. Bauer have guided the students, collectively called the Alumni Mentorship Team, to success after a year of dedicated work. The program surfaced as a response to student advocacy for a more rich classroom experience, integrating real-life information and professionals into lessons.

Aria Moreno, an alumni from Hills and founding member, provided some insight as to how she first got involved. “When Ms. Bauer emailed her Magnet students about her idea, I knew I wanted to help out because she is always finding new ways to help her students,” she shared. “When I learned more about the program, I realized I wished I had a mentor going through Morris Hills and it made me really passionate about the project.”

The team is working to build a database of professionals interested in volunteering their time and knowledge by appearing in classrooms as guest speakers, either in person or via zoom. Members of the AMP team will match volunteers with faculty members who wish to supplement their lessons by inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with high school students.  

Alumni and community members are encouraged to share the details of their college, career and volunteer experiences through the program website: Students, please share this information if you know someone who is interested in volunteering their time and knowledge to a class. Teachers are also urged to visit the AMP website to fill out a request form for a guest speaker to accompany their lessons.

Questions can be directed to the Alumni Mentorship Program advisors: [email protected]