Faculty Put Students in their Place on the Court!


Jessica Gordimer, Sports Editor

Monday, March 28th, marked the return of the annual Student vs Faculty basketball game, run by the SGA. After not running for a number of years due to the pandemic, the turnout for the event was overwhelming. The student team included girls basketball stars Semaya Turner and Mackenzie Creighton, baseball pitchers Brendan Lenahan and Aidan Kennedy, and SGA President Akhil Ramesh. The students were coached by the duo of Ryan Sislin and Tarun Ari, who both tried to push their team to victory, but unfortunately fell short to a skilled faculty squad. The Faculty Team was coached by the one and only science teacher,  Mr. Cappuccio. The teachers’ team included Basketball Coach Mr. Maclay, Teacher of the Year Mr. Mein, all-star principal Dr. Toriello, and many more. 

After much trash talking from Mr. Mein and the teachers, they made good on their words at game time and came out with a comfortable win in the end having the clear height and skill advantages over the students. The highlight of the game was Akhil Ramesh taking a charge when Coach Maclay came down the lane. Some may say that officials Jay Malatesta and Cyrus Maclay were slightly biased, but the student team loved the call. The energy in the gym was electric, and this will definitely be a game that will go down as one to remember.