Mr. Diaz, Superstar!


Andrés Diaz is an English teacher at Morris Hills, but if you ask any of his students, they will say he is much more than “just” an English teacher. Anyone who has had the opportunity to have Mr. Diaz as a teacher or coach knows just how much he cares about every one of his students and players. He goes out of his way to check in on everyone around him.

Initially, Mr. Diaz had no intention of being an English teacher. His caring, passionate, and out-of-the-box thinking allow him to be an extraordinary teacher to his students. This is why he received the April 2022 National Honoree Teaching Award and was honored in the Teacher’s Appreciation Week contest, which comes with a $1,000 grant for his classroom! 

Mr. Diaz was nominated for these awards by former student and now beloved Morris Hills substitute teacher, Omar Lisojo. Mr. Lisojo first met his mentor in his junior year of high school. Their bond grew, and Mr. Lisojo’s senior year found him and Mr. Diaz chatting and talking about life. Mr. Lisojo now regularly subs at Morris Hills (sometimes for Mr. Diaz), where he was a student just five years ago. Mr. Lisojo describes subbing for Mr. Diaz as coming “full circle, and I am so thankful that he gets to share this journey with me.” 

Current student Olivia Ciampi describes Mr. Diaz’s class as “fun and engaging, and he makes it clear that he cares about all his students!” Mr. Diaz makes his classroom feel like a safe space where students can learn and ask questions. He not only teaches how to break down a sonnet or write a proper essay but also teaches life lessons and essential tips for the real world. The Morris Hills community is proud to have him as one of our teachers!