Salutations to the Incredible Señora Santana


In 1992, Señora Santana began her career as a Spanish teacher. Thirty years later, I sit with her and she shows me a photo of her from her first year of teaching. She reminisces about all the teachers she used to work with, telling me that all have left the school since, but she remains. 

Since she lived in Cuba, she always wanted to teach and inspire the lives of the students and people around her. Señora Santana loves knowing that she has touched the lives of many students, and to this day, many past students still reach out to her. She explains that as a teacher, you could be doing so little, but at the same time, you are changing that student’s or colleague’s life. When I asked if she would choose another career, she smiled, saying that she has been so happy at Morris Hills that it never occurred to her to search for another school. 

Reflecting on her career, Señora Santana looks back at the challenges she faced. She remarks that dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic had to be the most difficult obstacle. Before the pandemic, her teaching style incorporated a lot of books and worksheets. Transitioning to digital learning was overwhelming, but she overcame the struggle. Her lengthy career also taught her many other valuable lessons. She mentions that every day she learned something new, whether it be from students or colleagues. 

During her retirement, Señora plans to do a lot of traveling. She’s already planning a trip to Turks and Caicos next September, commenting on how she usually spends this time preparing for the new school year. Though she’s excited to move on to other pursuits, Señora says that she will miss the district, the department, and all the friends she made. 


Best luck with your retirement Señora Santana. You have left an unforgettable impact at Morris Hills High School!