The Unforgettable Hard Work of Mr. Sanchez


“Big loss” is how Mr. Merle reacted to the head custodian Mr. Sanchez’ retirement after the end of this school year. Mr. Sanchez demonstrated dedication to his work, always lending a hand to anyone who needs it. He is known among the school community for his positive, easy going, and polite attitude which made him a pleasure to work with. 

During his time working at Morris Hills, Mr. Sanchez described the administration as “family.” He is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a welcoming and kind staff. As someone who was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States,  Mr. Sanchez recognizes the difficulty of finding a job when there is a language barrier. However, he is grateful that the Morris Hills community made him feel welcomed and comfortable. 

 Mr. Sanchez states that one of the greatest challenges is to get the school clean and ready for the September start. The task is immense, and requires a lot of hard work during the summer to prepare for the beginning of a new school year. Surprisingly, Mr. Sanchez says that his favorite event is to set up for graduation. Although it can be stressful, he enjoys feeling the excitement from the students and administration as the school year is coming to an end and students are getting ready to leave. 

Mr. Merle expressed how he and the administration are saddened by his departure. He notes that Mr. Sanchez “leads by example” and is a “gentleman.” He explains how Mr. Sanchez is always there to help the administration with any task, even at short notice. Mr. Merle said it will be difficult to replace Mr. Sanchez as he possesses so many valuable qualities. 

Mr. Sanchez will miss the administration, his daily routine and working with his fellow custodians that became his close friends. During his retirement, he hopes to visit Mexico and see his family there. He thanks Morris Hills, but we all owe a greater thank you to Mr. Sanchez and his hard work for the school’s community.