Bringing it Home: Morris Hills Homecoming

As we have settled into the new 2022-23 school year, new experiences have lined up for the Hills students. Among them was Homecoming. On October 15, 2022, Morris Hills celebrated its biggest gathering of the year; the night was filled with music, dancing, and spirit.

The event leading up to the homecoming dance was the game. The theme was REDOUT. Our varsity Scarlet Knights battled against Parsippany Hills on our home turf at 1 p.m. They played hard and did their best but ended up losing 13-12. It was an intense game, but in the end, the school didn’t lose its spirit. Morris Hills students and alumni came to support our school’s team by wearing red and cheering along.

This year’s Homecoming dance theme could be one for the books. The Great Gatsby theme resembles the jazz age of the early 20s to 30s, one of the first of its kind. Decorations, outfits, and arrangements were set to fit the flair and grandeur of the movie inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book. Some students came dressed to resemble this era with extras such as feathers, over-the-shoulder jackets, and bowties that coincided with the style. 

In the last few days leading up to the game and, ultimately, the dance, votes were cast to determine who would take the crown as princess and queen. Following much anticipation, the winners were announced during halftime. Therefore, we would like to acknowledge and congratulate Amber Kurland, homecoming princess, and Merrick Thibault, homecoming queen.

Humbly, Thibault and Kurland alike were not expecting the resounding support of their senior peers when they were voted to represent the court and “reign” the night. Princess Amber Kurland attributes her success to her leadership within the school. She’s made countless connections with students through ITS, SGA, and stage crew, just to name a few of her extracurriculars. “I was not expecting to even make the court,” shared Kurland. “I am so grateful to have so much support, and I hope to show the same support to the rest of the school.”

The queen, Merrick Thibault, spoke of kindness and staying out of drama. “I sincerely try to not have problems with anyone. I try my best to be kind to everyone and be a friend.” She plays on the track team and is loved by many of her peers.

The night certainly ended with a bang. Morris Hills was paid a visit by the local fire department as the fire alarms were suddenly set off. Despite students having to leave the dance slightly earlier than expected, Miss. Burgin, co-advisor of the SGA alongside Ms. Radzieski, organizer of the night, believes it was a true success. “Close to 900” students attended. “We had the largest turnout in over a decade, and the feedback that we heard from students regarding their experience was positive,” Miss Burgin stated. Even though they believe it was a success, they think there is always room for improvement. This is supported by Miss Burgin, who shared, “We always reflect, re-evaluate, and look to improve to make it the best possible experience for all while maintaining a safe and fun environment for everyone.” 

The events that took place on Oct 15 were an experience not to be forgotten.