GT Spotlight: Amber Kurland Makes Behind-the-Scenes Magic


The props designed by Amber Kurland and other GT prop shop students create a realistic world that captivates the audience during Morris Hills theater productions. Amber is one of the original founders of a GT dedicated to making set pieces. She was one of the first three students from Mr. Livigne’s sculpture classes to embark on this project. Now titled the “prop shop master,” Amber is in her third year of her GT and has made set pieces for 8 productions. The program has expanded to 10 other students with Mr. Livigne, the sculpting teacher, as their mentor. 

Amber has always had a passion for art, and she took a sculpture class her freshman year to pursue her interest. However, there was no advanced-level sculpture class. At the same time, Amber was involved in theater, and Mr. Livigne put her in charge of working on a prop for the musical during her freshman year. She loved the whole process of designing set pieces and decided participating in the GT program was a way for her to combine her love for theater and art. She communicates to directors for the play and discusses the set pieces needed to be created. Then, she works with other sculpture students and makes a plan during her GT block.

The GT in prop shop invites students to reveal their talent and use their creativity to design the props that make the plays come to life while also allowing more time to make better quality pieces.  In addition to building sets for the play, Amber is also stage manager for the productions and is in charge of handling everything behind scenes. Students involved in this GT are given the opportunity to showcase their talent in sculpture. Mr. Livigne, Amber, and other senior artists continue to recruit people to keep the GT program running and assist interested students with the application process. While Amber does not know exactly what she would like to pursue in the future, she knows she is interested in being involved in theater in some capacity in college.