GT Spotlight: Genesis Jara Loor is Making Money Count

Miranda Kawiecki, Editor in Chief

Senior and dual GT student Genesis Loor’s ultimate goal is to make personal finance education readily available to all Hills students. 

When she is not helping Ms. Barkocy organize AVID events, Genesis is working alongside Ms. Burgin in her second study to kickstart a new financial literacy initiative. Genesis began collaborating with her advisor after Ms. Burgin told her Microsoft Professional class about a financial literacy club she was interested in starting. Genesis expressed interest in helping and pursued her independent study, which has only blossomed with time. The Personal Finance Economics Club is now open to all students to hone their financial skills. 

Genesis is now working towards publishing a website that will be launched in April, which is, fittingly, Financial Literacy Month. The website will provide students with more resources on how to take ownership of their personal finances. Genesis’ vision is that this website will be shared amongst the student body on teachers’ Google Classroom pages as an accessible tool. 

The GT student strongly believes that financial education is essential to a student’s success in the future. “If we start learning about this at a young age, it will be easier for us to buy houses and cars and just manage our money in general,” said Genesis. “Money is used every day, so personal finance is an important skill.” From budgeting to hefty purchases, Genesis hopes to help students feel more prepared as they become the next contributors to the economy. 

Thanks to Genesis and Ms. Burgin, Gooding: Funding the Future Live is coming to Morris Hills on April 21 at 9:45 am. The Nashville-based rock band covers topics regarding financial education through music. All students are welcome to attend with their teacher’s permission. The event will include a concert, multimedia presentation, and discussion.