Wishing Morris Hills’ Nurses a Peaceful Retirement

Morris Hills High School bids farewell to its beloved nurses, Mrs. Albicocco and Mrs. Zibit as they approach retirement. They’ve worked together here for 18 years, and we will miss them both dearly.

Mrs. Albicocco has worked at Morris Hills for twenty-five years. She graduated from Wagner College in 1977 and has been a nurse since then. Before her time at Morris Hills, Mrs. Albicocco worked in hospitals in New York, Kentucky, and New Jersey. She worked in the general med/surgical unit, the operating room, and the intensive care unit. She decided to go into school nursing, for which she discovered her love after six months of subbing. She went on to receive her School Nurse Certificate from Caldwell College.

Mrs. Albicocco identifies one of her favorite memories as working with Mrs. Patricia Whalen and sharing stories. She recalls the laughs and conversations she has shared with other staff members in the faculty room at lunch, as well as with Mrs. Zibit.

Mrs. Albicocco said that she’ll miss many aspects of Morris Hills–-from the red lockers to her fellow staff members.  She cited Mrs. Kellner, “who among all her duties makes a good pot of coffee” and Mrs. Piccinini in the principal’s office, who is “ready to help with anything”.  She said, that there are so many people that she will miss that she can’t mention them all, but  would be “remiss if [she]didn’t mention Mrs. Cialella in attendance, [who is] always on top of everything and so sweet.”

Her retirement plans include traveling to Las Vegas with her five grandchildren to visit their great-grandmother. She also plans to “go to the beach more, visit friends, read more, exercise more, and just stop to enjoy life.”

Mrs. Zibit has worked at Morris Hills for eighteen years. Before her time at Hills, she worked as a pediatric nurse for twenty-two years in pediatric hospitals in Portland, Oregon, and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as a Pediatric Homecare Nurse for a few years in NJ.

For Mrs. Zibit, graduation every year is one of her favorite memories from her time at Morris Hills. She loves to “see the graduating seniors celebrate the end of their high school years, but [she’s also] a little sad that they are moving on.”

Once she retires, she wants to spend time with family in Oregon and California. She plans to move west in about five years. At home, she plans on “spending time gardening, exercising, reading, exploring philosophy, volunteering, and spending time with friends.” Also, she’s excited to see her granddaughter begin her time at Morris Hills. 

Morris Hills, though sad to say goodbye, is very excited for the nurses as they enter this new stage. Morris Hills and the collective student body wish Mrs. Albicocco and Mrs. Zibit a happy and peaceful retirement.